What’s New In Our World

This year marks the anniversary date of many of our long time employees:

  • Shelly, with us since 1996
  • Lynn, with us since 2001
  • Jamie, with us since 2000
  • Kim, with us since 1996
  • Shannon, with us since 2014

I feel very blessed to have such a professional and caring staff. The people in your organization are your most important asset. Our patients know that’s what sets us apart. My staff is so very personable and caring. They are the best dental team in Iowa. New patients always comment on our great office chemistry.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do for our practices and patients. You are the best!

Dr. James worked the “Food for the Soul” at the United Methodist Church in Dubuque on April 18th. Dr. James served meals to families in need in Dubuque’s mission district, along with a handful of other volunteers. Approximately 120 were fed.

All the Best,
Dr. James