“Our family has been coming to Dr. James’ office for over 20 years. I remember when my daughter was a young girl… she was extremely afraid of going to the dentist. It took just one visit to Dr. James and she no longer had that fear.”

Anita B.

“I’ve been coming to Dr. James office since the late 1990s. Before that, I have never been to a dentist in my life. I was very nervous on my first visit. The staff at Dr. James made me feel right at home (like family), and took care of my teeth with utmost professionalism. To this day, I actually enjoy coming to meet the Doc and the staff and have no fears of going to the dentist anymore! Thanks guys!”

Jay Y.

“Dr. James did such a good job on my first upper denture years ago, that I confided and trusted in him to come back for a new upper denture and bottom front crowns. He did a fantastic job, as always. (I drove 1 ½ hours one way to come back)”

Gene K.

“Monticello Family Dentistry staff and Dr. James were very professional. The work was done quickly and painlessly. Very happy to be one of their patients. Good job!”

Dave C.

“I was only 37 years old when I received my dentures. All I could think about at that time was how I would look – would people be able to tell I have dentures? Would they be comfortable? People are very surprised when I mention I have top dentures. They tell me they had no idea that I wore dentures because they look realistic. As I look at pictures of myself before dentures, I notice my smile is still the same. My dentures look like my teeth in those pictures before dentures. I’m happy that I made the decision to get my dentures with Dr. James. I smile all the time!!”

Maria D.